Mid-Century Modern Movies


I’ve identified four movies which epitomize the apex of mid-century modern thought and design. They are:

1.) Forbidden Planet (1956).

2.) North by Northwest (1959).

3.) Bye Bye Birdie (1963).

4.) Point Blank (1967).

The important point is that all of these films are visually designed to be ultra-modern, so the design itself enhances– or really, expresses– the story or the theme of the story, which are themselves ultra-modern.

1.) THEME: The future is us. ALTERNATE THEME: The future as nightmare.

2.) THEME: Ad man as quintessential American hero. SUB-THEME: Discovery and rescue of the soul mate.

3.) THEME: Pop culture as American Dream.

4.) THEME: The modern world as duplicitous hellscape.

Design is the quintessential American art. All four of these movies can be watched for their styles, clothing, colors, and designs.

-Karl Wenclas for New Pop Lit NEWS

Classic Incel


CURIOUSLY, the best movie about the incel (involuntarily celibate) phenomenon is sixty years old– Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic, Vertigo. The lead character, Scottie Ferguson, played by James Stewart, is obsessed with the wife (Kim Novak) of industrialist Gavin Elster (Tom Helmore). I don’t want to give away a complex plot. I’ll just say that Gavin is the successful alpha male juggling women, while Scottie is a troubled loner on the outside, searching for unattainable perfection which he can never have.


Director Alfred Hitchcock himself was something of an incel, though married– continually crushing on impossibly unreachable actresses like Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren. Living vicariously through his films– Vertigo revealing much.