NPL Author Ian Lahey Featured in ‘Short and Happy (or not)’

by Lloyd Poast

Short stories are becoming increasingly popular in today’s fast paced lifestyles. Between careers, family, social life, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead, not everyone has the time they’d like to devote to a full length novel. In an attempt to help those looking for a quick literary fix, S&H Publishing, Inc. has released a new anthology entitled Short and Happy (or not), featuring 36 stories by such authors as Rob Johnson, John Byk, Ellen Barnes, and New Pop Lit contributor, Ian Lahey.

Ian has two entries in the anthology, both exploring the relationship between a subdued assistant and an authoritative professor, which showcase his penchant for humour, adventure, and killer endings.

The first, Coprolith, is a light-hearted romp into the Chilean rain forest where Hikari Sukei, a paleontologist from Osaka, and Dillings, his displaced and mildly annoyed assistant from Leeds, go chasing after a dream. This tale of dreams and dinosaurs has a surprise ending that’ll leave you smirking well into the next story.

Doesn’t Matter explores the lighter side of advanced physics when a scientist attempts to change the world, but his assistant fears he will not only change it, but effectively delete it.

Ian initially thought that he would only have one story in the anthology, but fate had other plans. “I had originally sent just one story, Doesn’t Matter, and then I got into an email exchange with the editor, Dixiane, so I sent in a second story, Coprolith as well, more to justify the fact I was using her “submissions” mail address than anything else. When I found out both had been accepted it was a double surprise. I hope readers will enjoy reading the stories as much as I did, writing them.”

Able to be equally enjoyed lying on the beach or curled up in front of a fireplace, Short and Happy (or not) is a fun read flowing with the energy of writers truly in love with their craft. Featuring both new and established authors, as well as a variety of genres including science fiction and fantasy, this internationally flavored anthology is a recommended addition to anyone’s reading list. Short and Happy (or not) can be purchased from Amazon or directly from the publisher’s website.

Catch Ian Lahey’s interview with NPL here, as well as his stories Matt Murphy: Private Eye and The Janitor.

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