Petition to Save the Writer

Are you concerned about a flood of A.I.-generated books and articles dumped on the already-too-competitive publishing scene?

Established authors will have nothing to worry about. Neither will the well-connected Manhattan/Ivy League crowd. But what about the rest of us– those independent Do-It-Yourself writers, like ourselves, who have books on Amazon or elsewhere to sell?

Right now there are many hundreds of thousands of writers scrambling for notice (along with more than 1600 literary outfits like ours). A market already divided into micro-niches will be divided into further niches, as the number of “authors” looks to multiply several times over. Business’s long-tail effect stretching ever longer.

At minimum, there needs to be proper labeling on literary products, so readers readily know what they’re getting.

Ergo, our Petition, advocating for information statements on A.I.-created books.

Please click, read and consider signing! Also, please feel free to offer feedback or pushback, by adding a comment below.

(As we say, we’re not against technology– it’s inevitable– we want transparency. There undoubtedly are many in the tech industry and outside it who will want to purchase A.I.-created books. Labeling will make their task easier.)

Thank you.


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